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Customer Testimonials

Great people, great job! They saved us the hassle of an expensive trip to the dump and helping to save the planet by recycling! Very nice people and I will recommend them to others!

-Shannon 12/13/2015

I so appreciate the service Cory provides. He communicates promptly and is friendly and courteous too!

-Jenny S. 12/13/2015

This service is great. Cory is quick to respond to email inquiries about what he can take and is flexible about pickups. I love the fact that he is willing to pick up the items at my convenience. Wonderful customer service.

-Wendy Thompson 12/14/2015

This is a great service. Cory always gets back to me right away, and always arranges for a quick and convenient pickup. I feel great that my stuff can be re-used!

-Chuck Ullery 01/03/2016

We were relieved to have them come and take our printer so quickly and know it is disposed of, and recycled responsibly. A wonderful service by some very nice people.

-Janet Crocker 01/09/2016

Cory responds quickly and is very courteous. Great service and will save you valuable time and energy. Keep up the great work!

-Robin 01/10/2016

I was very pleased to read Cory's note of awareness of the ability to recycle Christmas lights a year ago in our "Neighborhood Email Communication". So, again this year he was prompt and came to pick up some Christmas lights that no longer worked. It is a great service and I want to do what I can to NOT fill the landfill! Thanks for recycling, re-purposing and reusing!

-Lori Tierney 01/12/2016

Excellent service! Old dishwasher and microwave sitting in my garage for a year, and all I had to do was drag them outside and they came and picked them up. I am very happy to be rid of that junk and they were just as pleased to take them from me. Thanked me even! No, thank you!

-Kurt 01/12/2016

Cory's service is wonderful! He works around your schedule and it is nice to know he is keeping things out of the landfills. Highly recommend!

-Paul 01/17/2016

We have called Cory several times; he will take anything that has metal and/or a cord. Great service!

-Leslie 01/17/2016

Excellent service! It's so convenient having Cory pick-up items instead of driving around looking for a place open to recycle! We will keep using Cory!

-Julie 02/08/2016

Excellent service. Fast and prompt!

-Barb 02/21/2016

I appreciate your help. I had place in a Facebook group about needing a dishwasher picked up. I was referred by a member. I contacted you. The next day you were able to pick up and with very reasonable price. Thanks for helping me out.

-Catherine 02/28/2016

Cory is great. Quick to respond to emails and always friendly. Shows up when he says he will saves me a ton of time and hassle taking things I just want gone.

-John O. 03/29/2016

Cory provides a great service! Reduce, reuse, recycle - something we all need to be working at. Plus he comes quickly to pick up the things.

-Marian B. 04/19/2016

Always great service. Prompt response and quick pick up.

-Cyndi 04/23/2016

Always fast and convenient pickup. What an easy way to get rid of old electronics!

-Alana 05/03/2016

A couple of emails, then next morning pickup, couldn't be easier!

-Mac McWalters 04/24/2016

We have benefited from Cory's services three times in the past several years, as we work to downsize our property. Thank you so much for this free service!

-Julie Thompson 05/25/2016

We have used this service more than once and we love it! We just send Cory a message with what we have and our address and he lets us know when he can pick it up. So convenient for us!

-Sara S. 05/23/2016

Twice now I've had Michael's Recycles pick up my house. The first time it was scrap metal, second time was electronics "anything with a cord" and an old rowing machine. Both times their service was great - I will definitely use them again. Cassie responded quickly to my email requests and Cory had the pick up completed with in a day or two. I highly recommend this company.

-Becky Egeland 05/15/2016

Thanks, Cory. Gosh, had no idea it would be so easy to get rid of stuff. Not to mention, you picked up at our house. AND on top of it, you loved the stuff! Really appreciate such nice, quick service. You're on my speed dial!

-Bonnie 05/16/2016

I don't know what new I could add to all these comments. So I'll just offer a hearty "second that!" to everything that's been said!

-Sherrie 05/07/2016

Cory was awesome and communicating with his wife Cassie to set a pick up date and time was a breeze. They were both pleasant, personable, and professional. I'm very happy to have this kind of service in my neighborhood.

-Leslie Bronson 05/31/2016

Cory is fantastic! I love knowing that things won't be rotting in the dump!

-Julia Manor 06/20/2016

I can't recommend them highly enough. Willing to go above and beyond - if they need to make a second trip, they will. I'm seen them take things just to help out an older neighbor who wasn't able to dispose of the item themselves. As for their business practices, they are responsive, professional yet personable. Bottom line, great people, a great business. We're fortunate to have them in our community. Thank you!

-Lisa M. 07/03/2016

Cory & his wife are great. Have used their service numerous times. Very reliable and try to fit into your schedule when picking items up.

-Sandy Stretch 07/07/2016

Great service. Thanks Cory, prompt courteous and friendly!


I've used their services several times and now they're always pleasant and eager to take items for recycling. I'm very happy with their services.


Fast and friendly to work with. Highly recommend!


I very much appreciate that broken electronics and metal aren't going into the landfill. Recycling makes a lot of sense and Cory's service makes recycling those things as convenient as setting out the other recycling.


Contacted Cory and within two days he responded and picked up a pile of stuff I had left outside. Great service. Thanks Cory.

-Bill Schultz

I love knowing people like Cory and Cassie. It is SO convenient having a recycling resource like this available. They are always fast, reliable, and follow directions to a "T." I was unable to help them with the last item they picked up, but I just told them where it was and they took care of the rest. I highly recommend this service! I'm almost excited now when I find something else for them to take away!! :)

-Leslie Bronson

Cory is a very friendly and professional person. He promises and fulfills in a timely manner. I recommend him in further recycling.

-Sadek Youssef

I appreciate the convenience of this service so much because it saves the need to stockpile recyclables for a trip with one big load. Cory can help with just a few things at a time.

-Bob 09/30/2016

Great people to work with. Prompt service.

-Sandy S. 10/10/2016

Cory was easy to communicate with. In the end, I left some larger electronic/mechanical items out for him and they were gone shortly thereafter. A win-win!

-Adriano 10/18/2016

Greatly appreciate your service. I had called a recycling type service and it would have cost me $30.00 to get rid of my appliance. Timely pick up.

-Ruth 11/06/2016

Cory took a number of the things I wanted to recycle. Picked them up as agreed. Nice guy....

-Don Hewitt 11/10/2016

Cory and his wife are doing a great service for our community. I am glad that he can recycle my Christmas Tree lights that no longer work! It is a great resource! Thank you!

-Lori 01/24/2017

Great service. Cory respond back right away and picked up the next day. Great company!

-Diane 02/05/2017

Great service! Thanks much for helping me dispose of a heavy dehumidifier responsibly. Prompt and efficient.

-John B. 02/05/2017

Thanks for the great service! Corey picked up my dead mobility scooter for$30, which is $90 cheaper than my garbage hauling quoted. And it's great that whatever can be recycled will be, instead of going to landfill.

-Sandy Burge 07/18/2017

The service is very quick and professional, and I appreciate that they take so many different types of recyclables. It's very environmentally-friendly.

-Karen Milton 07/21/2017

Easy, inexpensive way to get rid of items not needed anymore. So nice not to have to take it somewhere. Efficient scheduling. Will contact again if we have more as well as recommend to others.

-Leah 07/21/2017

Picked up my metal bits, big and small. Prompt too. Thank You!

-Pat Alexander 07/22/2017

Great to have a good local recycler who can handle such a variety of materials and provide GREAT SERVICE. Thanks Cory

-Don Hewitt 08/07/2017

Super easy to work with! I was dreading figuring out how to get rid of a big TV that was too heavy for me to lift. I simply sent a message through the website and they took care of it for me!

-Rob 09/06/2017

Excellent service.

-Thelma B. 09/08/2017

Cory came to my home & picked up old electronics I'll never use. I'm glad he can make use of them. I'll be offering other items soon. THANKS Cory!

-Paul 10/02/2017

Friendly, at your door service. Thank you for helping us re-purpose our unneeded electronics!

-Paul and Brenda 11/22/2017

Couldn't have been better! Thank you.

-Darlene D 05/14/2018

I dropped off several items with Cory for free last week - really great to chat with him, super quick email replies - just great people with great service!

-Chris 05/14/2018

Great customer service. Timely pickup!

-Cyndi V. 07/29/2018

I asked for a recommendation and the first two responses were "Cory at Michael's Recycles" so that is were I went. I was not disappointed. The form to request pickup was easy to fill out, the price was great and they came to pick it up outside my garage. I will keep their information and contact them any time I need their help. What a blessing for the community!

-Elizabeth K. 07/29/2018

Great service as usual, use them often always great!!

-Alan Johnson 08/25/2018

We rely on this service about once per year, and Cory's professionalism and kindness will keep us as return customers for the years to come. Thank you for being great community service providers!

-Jules T 10/24/2018

Friendly, fast service. Definitely a great benefit for the community! And the world for that matter - saves junk from the landfill!

-Marian Brex 10/24/2018

We are cleaning out our basement and had a ton of electronics to get rid of. Cory came over the day after I emailed them and picked up all of it! He said they would reuse what they could and recycle the rest. They are wonderful to work with. Thanks for the work that you do.

-Dana 10/31/2018

Cory and Cassie respond very quickly to requests for pickup, and their service is always fast and at the customer's convenience. I so appreciate what they're doing to recycle items, keeping them out of landfills.

-Karen 11/06/2018

I needed to clear some large items out of my garage so that I could park a van in the space. Cory and his staff answered my email right away, arranged the pick up and showed up when they said they were going to! Five star service! Can't wait to use them again!

-4Word Home and Design 11/17/2018

Corey has picked up different items for me. What a great service he offers. I highly recommend him to everyone.

-Stella 3/21/2019

Such a great service! Not only did Cory remove three file cabinets and a treadmill from my basement, he also showed concern for surrounding doors and walls as well. All at a very minimal cost. Thank you for providing this service to the community.

-Victoria Fodor 3/31/2019

Cory performs a very valuable service for all of us, helping to keep as much as possible out of the landfill by either reusing or recycling electronics. He responds quickly to emails and picks up the items very soon after.

-Marian Brex 04/01/2019

Have used Cory several times. He provides a great service and is very responsive to a request. Recently recommended him to another individual. Great Service. Thank you Cory!

-Bev 05/11/2019

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